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Backflow Prevention Devises and Thermostatic Mixing Valves:

Statewide Plumbing Pty Ltd provides a fully accredited Supply and Installation service of all Backflow Prevention Devices and Thermostatic Mixing Valves - including Annual testing and commissioning of all BPD’s and TMV’s. In addition we maintain an extensive Data Base which contains the Service History of each and every valve our company has supplied and installed, tested, repaired or certified. Statewide’s Data Base currently maintains the service history of over 400 BPD’s and TMV’s. In addition we provide each of our clients with a ‘service reminder’ one month prior to the necessary Annual Service. This reminder affords each property manager the time required to organise suitable access arrangements - or to raise a purchase order etc, prior to each Annual Recertification date.

Roof Repairs, Installation plus Roof and Gutter Cleaning:

We can attend to your Modern or Heritage roofing requirements including Supply and Installation of ALL new roofing materials and membranes. In addition we can take care of your Roof Cleaning on a Pro Active Scheduled basis or as Reactive type maintenance as required.

CCTV in-pipe Survey and Reporting plus High Pressure
Water Jet Drain Cleaning:

Our in-pipe Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) services are second to none as we deliver a high quality record of each survey. Our clients are provided with a DVD and extensive Computer Report detailing the in-pipe condition following each survey. Armed with this information - the ‘scope of repairs’ can be considerably reduced as in most cases our CCTV will pin-point the exact location of the problem, eliminating over-excavating and surface restoration costs commonly associated with the rehabilitation of all drainage systems. In addition we can provide all levels of High Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning including ultra high pressure (hot & cold water) Truck Mount Drain Cleaners plus smaller more Mobile jetting machines, as required. If your drains need survey or clearing – we have everything you require!

Electronic Pipe Location Service:

Statewide Plumbing Pty Ltd has been providing Electronic Pipe Location Service’s since 1991. Our clients have enjoyed the positive results of these Electronic Locating Services which include Gas and Water Leak Detection and Locating plus Chemical Analysis of water and drainage samples.

Occupational Health Safety and Rehabilitation:

We are proud of the OHS and R systems that Statewide Plumbing Pty Ltd operates under on a daily basis. Our Systems and Manuals are maintained to each relative Australian Standards and Code of Practice being constantly reviewed and upgraded following the regular internal and external safety audits.

These OHS & R systems are fully compliant being the backbone of each workers safety – every day!

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